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  • Adult Classes

  • Pinehill Studios facilitate a selection of adult dance and fitness classes. All classes are suitable for the absolute beginner or for those looking to push a little harder.

    Classes include Adult Hip Hop, Piloxing, Knockout, Yoga, Dance with me Baby and pregnancy yoga 


    PILOXING cardio fusion incorporates cutting edge research and fitness techniques to burn maximum calories, build lean muscles, and increase stamina.

    The PILOXING fitness classes uniquely blends the power, speed, and agility of boxing with exhilarating dance moves and targeted sculpting and flexibility of pilates.

    These techniques are supplemented by the use of weighted gloves, further toning the arms and maximizing cardiovascular health. Put it all together, and you have a muscle-toning, fat-burning workout that will make you feel physically and mentally empowered! That is PILOXING cardio-fusion.

    Facilitated by Pinehill Studios – Sarah-Marie 086 7900554

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    Piloxing (2)PILOXING KNOCKOUT is the ultimate test of athleticism and the latest release by the world-renowned fitness brand, PILOXING Knockout takes fitness to a whole new level!

    These killer fitness classes will not only test your endurance to the max, but will push your physical abilities past their limits. This high-intensity, plyometric, functional core-centric program, will conquer obstacles and change your fitness level to points you didn’t know your body was capable of reaching.

    Sarah-Marie will guide you through 6 rounds, consisting of a 3-minute Base and a 2-minute drill. Each Base will take you through a whole new way of performing high intensity core strengthening exercises, influenced by boxing, functional training, cardio and plyometrics. The drills consist of dynamic classics with a hard-core twist – core twist, push-up with a burpee.

    This 45 minute power workout includes warm-up, cool down, and the raw energy that made PILOXING famous. It’s sure to — Knock You Out!

    Facilitated by Pinehill Studios – Sarah-Marie 086 7900554

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    Adult Hip Hop classes are suitable for beginners and the more advanced dancer looking to have some fun choreography to chart music.  This class will stimulate the mind and increase your fitness.

    Facilitated by Pinehill Studios – Sarah-Marie 086 7900554Adult Hip Hop

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    Adult Yoga Classes

    These fitness classes are for all levels and will focus on breath work, alignment, increasing flexibility and strength as well as toning the body.

    Group-of-mature-people-practicing-yoga-000059842224_Medium-600x450A class aimed to create a nurturing, friendly and open environment where you can learn to move intelligently, focusing on calming the breath and steadying the mind.

    Facilitated by Healing Flow Yoga – Jacqueline 087 2135877

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    yoga-during-pregnancy5Pregnancy yoga is a fantastic way to prepare your body and mind for birth and motherhood.

    Facilitated by Healing Flow Yoga – Jacqueline 087 2135877
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    Dance with me babyOur classes involve low impact dancing whilst carrying and bonding with your baby. Dancing has huge benefits for the baby’s development. These fitness classes are also suitable for mums to be.

    Facilitated by: Dance with me Baby – Maria 087 6107978

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