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    1. She wants ALL of her students to succeed, regardless of who they are or how they look. This reflects well on the teacher, the students, and the studio as a whole.
    2. You will never know how hard she works outside of the studio. Research, training, choreography, music editing, costuming, paper work, lesson plans, parent queries etc. There are endless hours of work that you never see.
    3. The greatest gift you can give her is to say thank you, appreciate everything they do for you and tell them what you’ve been able to learn in class.
    4. A student being sore or tired, means he/she has been trying hard and has done a great job and makes the teacher know their class has been worthwhile
    5. Hours of work go into all of that choreography and classes. Not just anyone can do the job training and examinations endless theory to learn and demonstrate
    6. Very few things are as gratifying as a student reaching a personal goal.
    7. The best students are never the ones who have a perfect dance body or have been there the longest. They are the ones who are respectful, work the hardest, never quit or question and apply corrections.
    8. A dance education is more than just steps. When your teacher shares their life experiences, take it in and know that it is for your benefit and is a crucial part of your total education for life’s challenges
    9. A teacher’s biggest fear is not bad choreography or small classes, but failing the passion of the art. We never wish to cause a child to fall out of love with dance.
    10. She will remember you 10 years after you have moved on and out of her dancing program and will want to know what is going on in your life. She will always consider you part of her “dance” family.



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