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    Creating Opportunities Making Dreams Come True


    What a start to our Summer Season!!

    “Creating opportunities, making dreams come true”
    This week our in house instructors took a back seat while our guest instructors took over at Pinehill Studios….
    Many talented dance instructors traveled to our studio in  Donegal and delivered the most amazing workshops to our ever talented students.  
    Our dancers got to experience many different styles of dance.

    Jordon NG – Choreographer with FKFT, Ireland’s Got Talent finalists delivered and amazing LOCKING choreo and also introduced the fundamentals in KRUMP.

    Jacqueline Toner – Healing Flow Yoga, Demonstrated and delivered the importance of flexibilty & strength training for further progession with their future dance careers.

    Leon Dwyer – Choreographer with FLY Dance Studio in Dublin, visited Pinehill Studio and passed on his knowledge of POPPING and BREAKING (breakdance) **the boys LOVED this one… Think the girls were impressed too 😉

    Aoife & Tasha – from Elite Dance Academy, Buncrana, Co. Donegal…. Ladies we are so very honoured to have such talented instructors on our door step to collaborate with on a regular basis… We loved your teaching technique and your knowledge of each style is on another level. Tasha and Aoife delivered, HIP HOP, CHOREO, HOUSE and developed the dancers confidence with lots of positive encouragement.

    Rochelle MacPharland – Choreographer from Belfast brought it right back to the fundamentals of LOCKING and again oozed passion for her style which has easily been passed on to our dancers.

    All the way from BROADWAY Anna Griffan stepped our dancers completely out of their comfort zone and introduced them to JAZZ…

    Aoibhinn Walsh MUA and owner of G&G delivered her masterclass in STAGE MAKEUP and had lots of skincare tips etc for our dancers.

    With all that happening on week one we are SUPER excited for our SUMMER INTENSIVE #2.  We cannot wait to welcome,  Aoife, Tasha, and Jordon back but we will also welcome a few other choreographers to Pinehill studios including, Jack Newman, Joanne McCausland, Michaela Matthews & Zacc Milne..

    KRUMP Choreo with Jordon NG



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