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Healing Flow Yoga Class

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Join Jacqueline for a range of classes, from Beginner to Intermediate, Yoga for Men and Prenatal Yoga.


This class is perfect for those completely new to yoga or haven’t been in a while and would like to refresh. Learn basic postures (Asana) and conscious breathing (Pranayama) and develop a great yoga practice, aiming to improve flexibility and strength and relax and stretch the body. Pranayama and meditation will leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed with an enormous sense of wellbeing and reduced stress as well reducing your heart-rate, beneficial to those with blood pressure issues and heart disease.


An open level class which caters to those students with some knowledge of yoga.

This is a dynamic, grounded and healing class focusing on building strength and flexibility whilst creating a meditative flow through asana with emphasis on breath and alignment. Students will be offered different variations of the poses at a pace that suits each one.


This men only class aims to help improve posture and increase core strength. If you are looking to get strong, flexible and supple as well as build back strength, this is the class for you.


Midwives are becoming very aware of those mothers who take Prenatal Yoga classes to prepare for the birth of their babies

You will move through a series of physical postures and breathing exercises to help you cope with the huge changes you’re going through and to help you adapt and prepare for the birth of your baby/babies.  You will become more focused and in better shape throughout  your pregnancy and for the duration of the birth itself using a range of these breathing techniques and postures.


Yoga for girls 8-11yrs & 12-16yrs

Class Trainers – Jacqueline Toner

LEVEL I and LEVEL II Diploma and Yoga for
Pregnancy Diploma from YTTC. Over 500 hours
of training and continued professional
development. BA HONS Applied Languages and
MA Peace and Conflict Studies


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