Katriona McNamee

Katriona McNamee

Ballet Instructor

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Ballet – the most difficult style to master but why choose it?


Ballet is a fascinating art form that uses precise and highly formalised steps and gestures dating back as far as the 15th Century and is still enjoyed by so many today.  Here at Pinehill Studios our Ballet instructor Katriona McNamee of Katriona McNamee School of Dance not only focuses on the fun factor of Ballet but also the physical, mental and social benefits that come with it. Some of the most popular benefits include:


Studies have shown that Ballet training is as physically tough as a number of top level sports.

Physical training: Ballet dancers have a knack of making everything look effortless but what we see doesn’t tell the whole story. It is a fantastic, effective workout that engages the entire body from head to toe, focusing on different muscle groups.

Posture: Corrects everyday posture balance and co-ordination due to the lengthened spine and square hips. Learning the stance is one of the first techniques Katriona teaches the children at Pinehill Studios, increasing their awareness of the way they might stand, sit or walk which will benefit them long term.


  • Ballet dance gives children a chance to get lost in the moment, escaping the stresses of everyday life such as school.
  • Co-ordinating the movement with the beautiful classical music has positive, calming effects on the brain. The younger children at Pinehill Studios particularly love the classical Disney music that Katriona incorporates into her ballet classes.
  • Learning new challenging techniques and being able to execute elegant, graceful choreography in front of classmates or an audience gives children a big self confidence boost.
  • Focus and concentration help to create happy Ballet dancers.


  • All of the classes here at Pinehill Studios give children and adults a chance to grow in confidence and further their social skills.
  • Similar to Hip Hop, Irish Dancing, piano and much more, Ballet gives children a chance to meet new friends with similar interests.
  • Children form a supportive community, becoming more comfortable learning and growing together while at the same time learning a little French.


Yes, Ballet dance is hard work and one of the most difficult dance styles to master but it can also be the most magical.  We at Pinehill Studios strive to see our dancers constantly growing in confidence, developing stronger dance techniques. Ballet gives the children a great foundation in dance technique for example articulation of feet and legs, hip placement and alignment of the spine which will aid their skills needed for other dance styles.  Watching the children progress in Ballet, giving them a better understanding of their body gives us great joy.