Benefits Of Dancing for Kids

Moving and rhythm come so easily to children, from a young age we may see them bop their heads or wiggle their hips to their favourite songs. We as parents see the cuteness and fun of this, but we may not know how dance benefits our children’s health and through regular dance classes how the benefits will only increase. Dance classes are not only a terrific method for kids to release their energy, but they are also a great opportunity for them to express themselves, work with peers and develop a love for art. As most of us know dancing is a form of exercise, the physical effects will be like those of other aerobic activities. It will keep our children fit and healthy, but at Pinehill Studios we not only cover the physical aspect through dance classes, but we also want to help all children develop mentally, emotionally and socially through dance. Here are some factors on how dance classes benefits kids Physical Benefits:

  • Heart health, stamina
  • Flexibility, less chance of getting injured
  • Stimulation of the brain
  • Balance
  • Spatial awareness, judging the space they have around them.
  • Cognitive development through rhythm
  • Energy release, helps improves sleep and focus

Often if your physical health improves, your mental health improves as well. Mental Benefits:

  • Confidence to explore movement and public performing
  • Motivation
  • Routine, development of good habits
  • Creativity, expressing through dance
  • Introduction to arts
  • Communication skills, building friendships and social skills

Dance promotes a strong body and mind, but as it is an art form it as major benefits on kids emotional development as well as the physical and mental. Emotional Benefits:

  • Self-worth, letting them know they are good enough
  • Development of empathy towards peers
  • Fun
  • Emotional outlet, a space to be their true self
  • Sensory awareness

Division is a major aspect on children’s lives, finding that group in school or outside is a struggle for some children. Dance classes promote social interaction and awareness. Social Benefits:

  • Social activity, meeting new people from different backgrounds
  • Teamwork
  • Respect & understanding for others

Dance comes in many styles and all styles promote the same benefits of dance. The best way to maximise the benefits is to explore the style you enjoy the most.