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    Creating Opportunities Making Dreams Come True

  • At Pinehill Studios we believe that children should be participants and not observers.

    We believe that the best way to encourage a love of movement and sport is to provide instruction that enables the successful accomplishment of small steps so that an expectation of success and enjoyment is fostered.


    Our mission is to train and educate students both at recreational and pre-professional levels and to provide an accessible resource for students, teachers and the wider community. Pinehill Studios together with its instructors and facilitators offers  carefully structured non-competitive programmes, providing the students with a foundation education in many Art forms which will equip students for the potential to pursue third level training.

    We believe that every child has talents and abilities and that it is our mission to help our students develop those talents. And we believe that Dance, Fitness & Performing Arts is the best possible way to build basic physical skills; lay a foundation for future success in athletics, academics, and the performing arts; develop self-esteem, courage, grace; and foster a belief in ones ability to encounter and overcome adversity. Our programmes are designed to encourage an appreciation of the aesthetic and artistic qualities of movement.

    These beliefs have served us well for over 5 years and these same beliefs have encouraged hundreds of our current and former students to expect the best in themselves and to reach their full potential.

    Won’t you please join us and learn where your talents can take you!

    Remember our Studio motto – Creating Opportunities, making dreams come true.

Covid-19 information

Pinehill Studios is currently operating online. Please contact us for more details