We feel more prepared for life’s experiences when we are confident.
Confident people are more willing to advance with opportunities and people rather than retreat from them. And if something initially doesn’t work out, confidence encourages us to try again.
In contrast, when confidence is low, this occurs.
Dance enhances a person’s balance, coordination, muscle strength, and flexibility and range of motion.
However, the benefits of dancing in developing critical social-emotional abilities are frequently ignored.
Students can acquire acceptance, respect, cooperation, and teamwork via movement.
In class, it is seen that everyone is starting with the basics to learn a brand-new move.
As one child may accomplish that move quicker, they will have the confidence to help others in the class.
As they are helping each other, they are making new friends each and every class.
This will help with their confidence as well as they will never feel ‘alone’ as they have multiple people to talk and work with on certain moves.
These are few reasons along with MANY, MANY more as to why dancing helps with Confidence