Here are a few reasons how Dancing helps with FRIENDSHIP and also why you or your Children should join Our Pinehill Family
At Pinehill we have various types of dance classes.
From Hip-Hop, Irish Dancing, Ballet, Lyrical, Sean Nós and Bollywood.
Along with our Piano, Ukulele and ArtFarm.
The Magic of Dance can help you make new friends, strengthen existing ones, and even rekindle old ones.
You can meet new people and form new friendships by taking dance lessons, this starts from as young as 3 years of age. Additionally, your friendships will grow stronger if you take dancing classes with existing friends.
The social benefits of dancing increase empathy, tolerance, respect, and awareness of others’ differences and similarities.
Dance classes help mentally, physically and emotionally. It keeps mind sharp, improves self-esteem, involves social skills, increase endorphins, easy to bond with others, improves your mood, eases depression.
Dancing can enhance your social life by enhancing your social abilities and making it simpler to engage and communicate with others. Since this may be in school, away at competitions or events in the local area.
As many people could agree, we all may have made lifelong friendships from a class we attended or even our class in school.
And these are just a few reasons to Dance