Jiving Juniors is Ireland’s only social dance school for tots, kids and teens.

Laura Ganley
Learn how to Jive, Line dance, Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep and more!   If your child loves Nathan Carter, Derek Ryan or Country Music in general, then this is the school for them.
I’m sure you have all heard of the above mentioned styles at some point in your life, maybe recently on a Saturday night during Strictly Come Dancing on the BBC.  Would your child love to be part of the glitz and glamore of learning some classical & country style dance genres?
We are delighted to welcome Laura to Pinehill Studios this season as an independant facilitator, who will be holding classes every Wednesday.
Jiving Juniors starts Wednesday 9th November 5-6pm.
Booking is essential follow click the REGISTER HERE button.
We cannot wait to see your dancing journey at Pinehill Studios with Laura & Jiving Juniors.