Pinehill Studios-lockdown

When word emerged of a possible lockdown 3 I was hit with a wave of emotions…

Firstly, I was loosing sleep over what to do with the studio as Level 3 means we still cannot dance face to face and everyone has clearly had enough of online classes/learning/quizzes/challenges etc etc

So when lockdown 3 was confirmed I felt a sense of relief, I no longer had to try figure out how to move forward, the government had made the decision for me : Pinehill Studios will remain closed.

But now, knowing in my gut, our children are so done with online classes and really miss the buzz and awesomeness of their studio classes is it worth my while or my instructors time and effort to resume online classes??!

To be frank & honest, it definitely does not pay. The overheads are still at 100% during closure and the business most definitely cannot afford them, let a lone, to pay me a wage, with the numbers we have remaining in our online classes.

HOWEVER, today reminded me of exactly why I first began this journey back in 2013… it is NOT about the money. It is about what our classes offer to so many of our children & community. It is about being in the moment, being in the right place at the right time for those who need us, those who live for their hour of dance/activity each week to erase the worries, stresses & anxiety of the world.

So yes our class numbers are small but we will continue, and do our absolute best to survive this pandemic and wait patiently knowing you will all be back when we can open our doors again.

Stay safe everyone, and please follow all guidelines so we can get back to what we love sooner rather than later.



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