Remembering Our Heroes

We all know hosting charity events are important and gathering money for these organisations means they can carry on doing what they do best.  I have organised many charity events over the years and absolutely love the opportunity to give back when I can, however,  I’ve experienced something  from this charity event that I will never forget!!

Bare with me….

Firstly, I’ve experienced first hand the AMAZING humans in this world who without a second thought will jump on the bandwagon to support you in all you do…. you guys are my HEROES!!



I have experienced the comfort that organisations like The Little Blue Heroes has given to families.  Not only are they a huge support during a child’s time on earth but an even bigger support when a child has sadly passed away by helping keep their memory alive.


As we enter the final week of our challenge. I’d like to give you all a little more insight into how the funds from The 
June Push-up Challenge will benefit The Little Blue Heroes Foundation.

We have chosen two sub-divisions within The Little Blue Heroes Foundation to benefit from the funds “Tyler’s Fleet” & “Sarah’s Christmas Gift”  It is so nice to know exactly where the money raised will go, so I decided to tell you all about it.

You may have seen our post earlier in the month explaining about Tyler’s Fleet, follow the link below for full post


Now let me introduce you to Sarah!

Remembering Sarah

Sarah’s dad contacted me a number of weeks ago, and I think I’ve cried everytime I’ve tried to talk about her since.  He explained to me that he and his family have been following our June Push Up Challange for The Little Blue Heroes and have been taking part as a family, having great fun together.  He also thanked me for including “sarahschristmasgift” as one of the beneficiaries of the funds raised during our month long fundraiser.  So that of course meant Sarah-Marie needed to know all about his Sarah….


Here is what he told me…… (GET TISSUES)


“Sarah was very outgoing, sporty, musical and full of fun. In August 2018 she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. After an 11 month battle, she passed away peacefully on 4th July 2019.

Although Sarah was our Hero, Sarah wasn’t technically a Little Blue Hero but the charity helped Sarah out early on in her treatment.

As Sarah deteriorated and things took a turn for the worse Sarah being the brave, strong minded young 17 year old started to put things in motion. Sarah told me and Majella one night that she wasn’t afraid of dying, but she was afraid of being forgotten about. We made a promise to her that we’d make sure she’ll never be forgotten.
Sarah picked out her wicker coffin and told us she wanted sunflower arrangements on it.
She ordered online Forget-me-not seeds, little sealable bags for the seeds and small yellow envelopes to put these into. These were favours to be given out at her funeral for people to sow to remember her.
She arranged for a musician family friend to call and told her the songs to play at her funeral. The song she wanted to play her out of the church was Simple Minds – Don’t you forget about me…
She requested all bright clothing to be worn by everyone at her funeral.
She asked me to arrange an ice-cream van to be outside the church afterwards for everyone to get a ice-cream cone (Sarah’s favourite🍦) When I asked her did she want everyone walking down the Main Street behind her hearse eating a 99 cone. She replied “Wouldn’t that be deadly (cool)..😀
Lastly Sarah told us that if any money was donated in the church at her funeral that this money was to be given to Little Blue Heroes.

Everything went to plan💫

There was €500 raised and this was donated.

#Sarahschristmasgift came about a couple of months later when Little Blue Heroes made contact with us and said that this gift had inspired them and they would love to match this amount and gift all the Little Blue Heroes with a €500 gift pack to assist them at Christmas. We were overwhelmed at this gesture.

We ourselves decided to organise ‘Sarah’s Birthday Dip’ on her birthday the 30th December every year to raise money for Little Blue Heroes (#sarahschristmasgift). You can check it out on Facebook if you’d like – Sarah’s Birthday Dip.”

We have gathered around €2500 to date which will mean an extension to #tylersfleet by 4 cars & enable Little Blue Heroes to offer 3 families #sarahschristmasgifts this year.

If you would like to donate follow the link below


Thank you to everyone who has been involved in this amazing challenge and to everyone who has supported and donated.  You have put smiles on alot of Little Blue Hereos faces.