At Clara Rua Performing Arts we specialise in Development through Drama, so if your child wants to development their confidence, communication, creativity and self esteem all while having the most fun imaginable then this is the class for them.

The Upstage Downstage Drama Academy Curriculum is specifically designed for ages 4-11 and has been expertly crafted to bring the highest quality Development through Drama workshops possible. Concentrating on the 4 C’s, which is the foundation of our company, our classes will help your child develop their confidence and self esteem in a dynamic environment that is both exciting and so much fun!!
So what are the 4 C’s? Lets explore
Our classes help your child develop their confidence and self esteem, helping them with social interaction and self expression. Many lifetime friends are gained in our classes!
We concentrate on improving your Child’s skills in verbal and physical communication through our fun Speech and movement sections, so they can find and use their voice to fully express themselves.
Our two items to bring to class are a bottle of water and your imagination! Creativity is the corner stone to almost all we do, so we explore this by encouraging your Childs imagination in creating stories, characters and even dressing up bringing their imaginations to life.
We help your child explore who they really are, their likes and dislikes and the ability to find their voice. Understanding and regulating their moods and actions in a way that removes their frustration and confusion. Having a strong identity is vitally important to confidence and self esteem.
                                                                                                                                                      Our one hour classes will keep your child energised and moving, in a supportive and nurturing environment, building confidence and self esteem all whilst laughing and having fun.

Wednesday 4-5pm- Upstage Downstage Drama Academy-4-11yrs

                      5-6pm- Upstage Downstage Youth Theatre – 12-17yrs

Facilitated by: Clara Rua Performing Arts – 085 7831796

Clara Rua

Clara Rua

Principal, Founder & Drama Coach



Vice Principal, Creative Director & Drama Coach