Laura is an award winning dancer, performer and teacher in Sean Nós Dance, Jiving, Line Dance, Waltz and Ceili Dancing. Laura has been dancing over 14 years and has toured all over Ireland, England, Scotland, France and America performing with some of Ireland’s finest performers including Cherish the Ladies, Sean Keane, The Celtic Tenors, Ireland the Show, Dervish and Sharon Shannon to name a few.

Sean Nós means “old style” and is the oldest style of Irish dance originating from Connemara, Co.Galway. Sean Nós dancing is made of various different steps performed low to the ground with body movement including arm, shoulder and hip movement. It is a relaxed type of dance where each dancer can add there own unique style.


Wednesday – 6.00-7.00pm- Kids

                         8.00-9.00pm – Adults

Facilitated by: Laura Ganley – 086 2448392

Laura Ganley

Laura Ganley

Dance Instructor